Automation is where we truly come into our own....


Continuous integration

Continuous integration is widely used in the Java community to help improve agility of code delivery without comprimising on quality.


It is based upon automation of build and automation of testing so that code changes can be built, tested and delivered rapidly and safely, and where issues can be quickly spotted and rectified with a minumum of risk.


We use JUnit, a Java standard, to build our automated tests and Talend's own utilities to automate the build.  When put together into an automated build tool such as Jenkins you will be able to reap all the benefits of CI within your Talend project.


Rules engine

Our rules engine allows personnel with little technical knowledge to build transformations that previously would only be possible using Talend studio.  


With little effort mapping and validation rules can be defined that can be integrated automatically into a common Talend process, meaning that one Talend job can be used for many mappings.  


This means that the simple jobs can be done quickly and easily with a minimum of code, leaving the complex jobs to be handled in a bespoke fashion, thus reducing the time, effort and cost of delivery.


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