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How can you trust your decsions if you do not trust your data? 

Data integration is the key to collecting, curating and collating data from many diverse sources into a format that can be used to support reporting and decision making.  Talend is the foremost open source data integration tool and the chosen platform for edexe.


Founded in 2009 by Rick Barton, edexe is an established company within the Talend ecosystem.   Edexe has provided Talend based solutions across multiple vertical markets for a variety of companies large and small.


Innovative and reliable, our solutions help drive efficiency and quality through a proven approach that uses the best features of Talend both on premise and within the cloud.

Set up for success

Getting you from no knowledge to production quickly and easily. 


You make the decision to use a different product because you believe it will improve things.  But getting it set up correctly requires time and effort and getting it wrong will be costly to fix longer term. 

Why gamble? 

Edexe has a proven methodology for setting up and managing our projects in the early stages of ownership, so that your use of Talend can scale in a controlled fashion, returning the anticipated benefits so much quicker than most DIY efforts.

We will set up your project environment, provide standards and best practices and mentor your teams so that they use them effectively.  In tandem with our automation techniques, we will provide an end to end environment for rapid development and deployment.

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Using the latest Talend tools and techniques, we can help you deliver more quickly, get more for your money and more from your team.

Automation of common processing means a consistent approach to most of your data processing, thus reducing development time, maintenance overhead and mean time between failure.

By automating more of the mundane, you can maintain a smaller team focused on your most difficult problems, rather than a large team simply keeping the lights on.  




For those interested in how to program in Talend, check out Rick's book.

In partnership with Packt publishing, Rick is the author of the Talend Open Studio Cookbook, a go-to publication for how to use Talend in both day to day and more advanced data scenarios.

Geared towards the whole lifecycle, the Talend Open Studio Cookbook shows readers great ways to handle everyday tasks, and provides an insight into all areas of a development cycle including coding, testing, and debugging of code to provide start-to-finish coverage of the product.

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